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Event Venue De Kalkovens (The Lime Kilns)

Unique party location on the Gooimeer

Something to celebrate? Whether you are celebrating a first birthday, a graduation, 25 years of marriage or moving house, De Kalkovens is the location for you. So whatever your reason for the party, we pride ourselves on arranging everything to perfection. This means all you have to do is sit back, relax and focus on your guests while you all make the most of your special occasion.

Feel free to exploit the expertise we have built up over the years. We can offer you a wide variety of dining options and decor. In addition, our kitchen staff works exclusively with local and seasonal products. These ingredients make every celebration a culinary success.

Hiring a party room at De Kalkovens guarantees the perfect backdrop for your party. Based near Hilversum, this is a location that creates a unique party experience, completely tailored to your needs. Brunch, lunch, dinner, party or show: we are open to everything.

Evenementenlocatie Kalkovens bij het Gooisemeer te Huizen

Weddings at De Kalkovens

Pure romance in Huizen

De Kalkovens is a licensed wedding venue, so come to us for a fully-catered wedding. From the vows and the reception to the cutting of the wedding cake at a fantastic party, anything is possible! Our wedding specialist is more than happy to manage all the styling and staging of your special day.

Visit De Kalkovens’ dedicated wedding website

Trouwlocatie bij Restaurant de Kalkovens in Huizen



Conferences at De Kalkovens

Hold your meeting in a charming setting

The location can be very influential when it comes to the atmosphere and outcome of your meeting. De Kalkovens provides a very special location near Utrecht, located on the 'old' Zuiderzee. Absorb the atmosphere and tranquillity of the lake. We have several rooms, all equipped with any and every luxury and comfort: the Blushuis, the Werkplaats and the Tussenzolder. In the summer, you can also make use of De Kalkovens’ spacious terrace which has panoramic views over the Huizer harbour and the Gooimeer.

We have space for up to 450 people.

Have you considered using De Kalkovens for:

Office parties             

Staff parties in Huizen begin at De Kalkovens. There are plenty of packages, including a sumptuous dinner followed by a lively party, but we also offer exclusive arrangements, tailored specifically to your needs. How about arrival by boat from Amsterdam, a very generous barbecue on the terrace overlooking the water and then wine tasting in our characterful basement?

(Product) presentations

When you present a new product, your presentation location must enhance your product. Have you considered arrival by boat, holding the presentation in one of the old lime kilns, supported by a state-of-the-art, multi-screen PowerPoint presentation. We can project your company colours on to the facade of the buildings.


Dinner at the end of a conference, dinner for the supervisory board or dinner for the whole company? Everything is possible! Our chefs prepare all your meals with the utmost care and strive to use only finest local and seasonal fresh ingredients. Dinner can be served at the table, but you can opt for a buffet-style service if you prefer.

Water packages

For a meeting of up to 12 people, we would heartily recommend using our dinghy. Holding a meeting on the water can be extremely relaxing. The perfect setting for inspiration! Or you could take a ride on the Fletcher Power Boot, leaving you invigorated and energised for the meeting to come. Ask for our flyer for more information about boat packages.

Click here to visit De Kalkovens’ business pages

Vergaderen bij Restaurant de Kalkovens in Huizen


Spend a night in the hotel

Enjoy a pleasant night in our Hotel Nautical Quarter

After you have been spoiled with our culinary delights and fine wines, make your stay more enjoyable by spending a night in one of our 80 luxury rooms in the Hotel-Restaurant Nautical Quarter.

You can find more information about the Hotel-Restaurant Nautical Quarter on our website.

Overnachten bij Restaurant Kalkovens te Huizen


The history of De Kalkovens

Between 1918 and 1989 the silhouette of Huizen harbour in Gooi was defined by four lime kilns. The original function of these kilns was to burn shells from the sea to create quicklime.

At the base of the furnace, a fire of peat and faggots was built. Then, through a door into the furnace, shells alternately layered with peat were thrown into the furnace; later coal was also used. Wetted shells were mixed with charcoal powder then cast into the oven.

Shells are made up of 95% calcium carbonate, so by heating the oven to 900-1200 degrees Celsius, the carbon dioxide is eliminated, leaving the quicklime behind.

The burnt shells were then removed from the oven through various openings and transported to the Blushuis. There, the quicklime was mixed with water which separated the shells from the end product, leaving just the slaked lime.

The lime was left to slake for a while and then it was sieved to remove all unburned shells and other impurities. Once these processes had been completed, the lime was put into sacks and taken to the customers. Lime is used for cementing the bricks of buildings, to provide extra protection from the weather, for decorating interior and exterior walls, grouting joints and making concrete.

Firing lime is one of the oldest industries in Huizen. These furnaces were in active use until the 1970s, when they sadly ceased operation. And so, in 1989, this rich and impressive heritage became redundant, and the buildings were demolished.

The permanent loss of this unique industrial past was a terrible shame. However, a few enthusiastic entrepreneurs and executives decided it this need not happen:

In 1997, this cultural heritage was brought back to life. Brick by brick, De Kalkovens were rebuilt on the abutment of the old Huizen harbour. Their new function: unique accommodation which celebrates as much of the original industry and usage as possible. On entering, you will find a welcoming, attractive interior that still clearly defers to the fascinating industrial history of the building.

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